Our Concessions department is committed to sourcing the highest quality food and beverage offerings. We firmly believe in supporting local business as well as offering Fair Trade, organic and sustainable items whenever possible. Visit concessions for anything from an indulgent treat to a vegan, gluten-free snack.

Food and drink can be enjoyed in the lobby.

  • $7 Beer
  • $10 Wine: Selection of Reds, Whites and Bubbly
  • $2 Bottled Water
  • $3 Sparkling Water
  • $3 Lemonade
  • $2-3 Bottled Soda
  • $3 Coffee: Decaf & Regular
  • $3 Hot Tea

  • $2 Altoids
  • $2 Granola Bars
  • $2 Fig Bars
  • $2 Roasted Nuts
  • $2 Trail Mix
  • $2 Potato Chips
  • $3 Artisanal Chocolates
  • $3 Cookie Good Cookies
  • $5 Salami Plates*
  • $7 Fundamental LA Sandwiches*

*Served at Main Stage performances only.

We accept cash, Visa, Discover, American Express, Mastercard & Apple Pay.

Restaurant Recommendations
There are also a variety of dining options located within walking distance of our theaters. We have compiled a list of some of our favorites here.

Your feedback and input is welcomed and appreciated! Please email cdionne@thebroadstage.org with any questions or suggestions.