Can multiple members of my household watch on the same screen?
Because the high-definition visual and immersive stereo soundscape are essential to experiencing The Journey, the artist recommends a single viewer with headphones on each screen. Your household may watch together, however, only one person may interact with Scott during the performance and that participant may not change partway through the performance.

How many participants will be included in each performance?
There will be a maximum of 30 participants per performance.

Do I need to set up anything in my home?
Mentalism requires that Scott be able to see and hear you clearly. No mood lighting; please turn on your lights! 

Where and when can I access the virtual theater?
The Journey will be streamed through a custom web interface that runs in your Internet browser. No downloads required. You will receive a link via email to access the virtual theater, and our house manager will be waiting in the virtual lobby to check you in.

What kind of device can I watch on?
You will need a desktop/laptop computer or iPad with minimum 10" screen. The only tablet experience supported is an iPad with Safari browser. Mobile devices are not supported. Your device will need a webcam and microphone, as well as stereo headphones for an optimal experience.

What Internet browser should I use?
If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, we recommend using the most updated version of Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. Internet Explorer is not supported. If you are using an iPaid, Safari is the only browser that is supported. Browsers on mobile devices are not supported.

Do I have to use headphones?
We recommend using stereo headphones to avoid possible feedback problems from speakers.

May I screencast to a TV?
If your TV is equipped with a webcam you may screencast the performance to the TV, but we still ask that you use headphones to avoid possible feedback problems from speakers. If you are planning to screencast to a TV, please be ready to return to your source device if the TV causes issues.

Will I be seen on screen?
Yes. All participants will leave their cameras on for the entire performance.

What happens if I have technical difficulties during the show?
Our virtual house manager will be standing by before and during each show to help with any technical issues with the livestream.

The Broad Stage is not responsible for connectivity problems, power outages or other technical issues originating on the participant’s end. If you do experience difficulties, please email us at and we will help as best we can.