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Santa Monica College's Global Motion World Dance Company

Santa Monica College’s Global Motion World Dance Company presents dances from around the world. Focusing on cultural and contemporary movement from Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the United States, this World Dance Company brings the ancient past into the future.

Enjoy learning about cultural and modern dance styles that share elements of dance while maintaining their unique form.

Genre: Dance
Ages: 5 and up
Key Skills: Cultural dance, history, geography, dance forms, cultural awareness
Standards Provided: Grade 6

Professional Development Online Workshop


Video Workshop - Elements of Dance


Video Workshop  - Cultural and Modern Dance



Ballet Hispánico

Ballet Hispánico was founded nearly 50 years ago in New York to give voice to the Hispanic experience and break through stereotypes of ballet dancers and beyond. The ballet company continues to be guided by a vision of social equity, cultural identity and quality arts education for all of its programs.  
Experience and learn how the dance company, Ballet Hispánico, invites a cultural dialogue while creating a space to explore Latin cultures through dance.  
Genre: Ballet Dance 
Ages: 5 and up 
Key Skills: defining and creating choreography, body-awareness, investigation and research, social justice 
Standards Provided: Grades 6-8 



Dance Theatre of Harlem 

Founded in 1969, the Dance Theatre of Harlem is a singular presence in the ballet world, touring nationally and internationally, presenting a powerful vision for ballet in the 21st century. The company performs a forward-thinking repertoire that includes classical and neoclassical works, as well as innovative and bold new forms of artistic expression commissioned to connect to contemporary audiences.  
Learn about the elements of dance, discuss stereotypes in ballet and make your own choreography and movement phrases. 

Genre: Ballet Dance 
Ages: 5 & up 
Key Skills: elements of dance, choreography, creative expression through movement, social justice
Standards Provided: Grades 6-8 

SPEAK - Tap & Kathak Unite 

Serving as the bridge between tradition and innovation, history and progress, Rina Mehta, Rachna Nivas, Michelle Dorrance and Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards create nothing short of magic on the stage. Joined by the world's leading Indian classical and American jazz musicians, SPEAK promises to thrill, provoke and move your spirit. 

Read about and discuss the history of Kathak (northern Indian classical dance) and American tap dance. Learn about Indian tabla and jazz rhythms that inspire the dancing in the show. 
Genre: North Indian Kathak Dance and American Tap Dance 
Ages: 5 and up 
Key Skills: culture, rhythm, creative expression and communication through movement, personal statements 
Standards Provided: Grades 6-8 

Video Workshop  - Indian Tabla Rhythms



Los Angeles based contemporary dance company, BODYTRAFFIC, was founded in 2007 by Lillian Rose Barbeito and Tina Finkelman Berkett. The company is deeply committed to producing acclaimed works by distinctive international choreographers, all while surging to the forefront of the dance world. Named “Best of Culture” by the Los Angeles Times and Dance Magazine's “25 to Watch,” the young company is already internationally recognized for their high quality of work. 
Discuss the role of dance throughout history and explore different ways to move. 
Genre: Contemporary Modern Dance 
Ages: 12 and up 
Key Skills: role of dance, movement, storytelling through movement 
Standards Provided: Grades 6-8 

Lil Buck: What Moves You

Lil Buck created this dance style, which is a combination of classical ballet and “Jookin” -a dance that evolved out of the early Memphis hip hop scene. His ability to adapt and meld different genres is an exciting display of rethinking and reimagining art forms. 
Learn about the dance form Jookin, as well as the history of ballet. 
Genre: Jookin, Hip Hop, Ballet Dance 
Ages: 5 and up 
Key Skills: compare and contrast jookin’ to ballet 
Standards Provided: Grades 6-8  




The Diary of Anne Frank 

Read The Diary of Anne Frank with your students or family and use this guide to explore key themes through discussion, writing and theatre games. This guide delves into themes of social justice, and the immigration laws of the 1930's - 1940's. 
The staged readings were presented in partnership with the Santa Monica Repertory Theater company, a local ensemble designed to present classic and contemporary plays with relevant themes to young people.   
Genre: Theatre  
Ages: 12 and up 
Key Skills: character study and development, write monologues, history, tableau, gesture 
Standards Provided: Grades 6-8 

Video Workshop - Acting Warm-ups



Wicked Tinkers 

Wicked Tinkers, pioneers of the growing Tribal Celtic music movement, use rousing bagpipes, tribal drums and the bronze-age Irish horn to bring a re-imagined vitality to Scottish and Irish music.

Explore Celtic rhythms, culture and history as you reflect on poetry and your own musical history.

Genre: Celtic Music
Ages: 8 and up
Key Skills: Celtic culture, poetry, rhythmic patterns
Standards Provided: Grade 7

Video Workshop 1 - Jigs and Reels

Video Workshop 2 - Celtic Instruments