SAT, SEP 23, 2017

Versa-Style Dance Company - Box of Hope

The Broad Stage - Main Stage


Versa-Style brings hip-hop to the concert stage, pushing the boundaries of traditional hip-hop dance in order to share the realities of their lives, experiences and struggles within the varied and infinitely complex political and personal landscapes of Los Angeles. The work creates new language to give voice and a platform to an urban demographic, and uplifts, inspires and leaves the audience with a sense of HOPE for the future.

Program notes available here. For a complete listing of each piece, click here.

Enjoy an exciting pre-show in the courtyard from Versa-Style Next Generation (VSNG)! Founded in 2009 by Miss Funk and Breeze-Lee, Versa-Style Next Generation is a group of highly talented and dedicated young dancers from the greater Los Angeles area. Participation in the program offers the opportunity to participate in a pre-professional hip-hop dance company and with hard work, dedication, and growth the possibility of graduating to the professional touring company. The group participates in community performances, some travel performances, and all Versa-Style sponsored events such as competitions, festivals, productions, dance intensives, and other classes.


The 7 Fingers: <em>Passengers</em>
Mark Morris Dance Group & Music Ensemble: <em>Mozart Dances</em>
Ephrat Asherie Dance Company: <em>Odeon</em>