Sep 23 - 25, 2016


Location: The Broad Stage - Main Stage
Run Time: Approximately 90 minutes, including one intermission

“With this cast…defying gravity doesn’t just look easy. It feels like the human spirit, ever enduring.” – Los Angeles Times

Celebrating 25 years, the groundbreaking dance company presents their signature “architecture in motion” with four kinetically astounding pieces, including the new "Passengers". Don’t miss this 16/17 season kickoff with one of our most requested ensembles!


D2R (10 minutes)

D2R (1995, re-staged 2002) represents the chaos of everyday life through an abstract military obstacle course. The dancers must achieve their goals even in the trenches of war. Challenged by self-imposed handicaps and inescapable gravity, the group discovers that it has no destination.

Knockturne (6 minutes)

Knockturne (1998, re-staged 2006) is a love duet that shows a six-year relationship in six minutes. The piece explores the possibilities of human interaction through one of the most common structures in our architectural landscape—the door. 

Humachina (12 minutes)

Humachina (2002, re-staged in 2006) explores the relationship between human motion and mechanical forms using the most simple and important of machines, the wheel. The piece depicts the fragility and endurance of the human spirit in our increasingly technological world and asks: At the end, which will remain, man or machine?


Passengers (30 minutes)

On and around a giant morphing staircase with multiple doors,passageways, and shifting surfaces, the dancers reckon with themes of journey and transition and the tenuous balance we attempt to strike each day as both indomitable drivers and unwitting passengers. (2016)