APR 23 - 24, 2021

Sea Sick

Written and performed by Alanna Mitchell
The Theatre Center Production



★★★★ “Sea Sick is a quiet call to action; a crucial examination of an underexposed issue.” – The Arts Desk

The Broad Stage - The Edye
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Award-winning journalist Alanna Mitchell is a master storyteller, and this power is center stage in her mesmerizing solo show, Sea Sick. Culled from her work with leading ocean scientists and infused with her innate ability to lure an audience in, Sea Sick tells Mitchell’s most important story: her journey to the bottom of the ocean, the demons she discovered there and, most importantly, her hope for the future.


Alanna Mitchell is an award-winning Canadian journalist and author (New York Times, CBC’s Quirks & Quarks, Globe, Mail and more) who writes about science and social trends specializing in investigative reporting. Sea Sick is inspired by her international bestseller and award-winning book of the same name.


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