MAR 16 - 17, 2019

A New Series for Experimental Creation from Barak Ballet

‘OFF Balance’

The Broad Stage - The Edye


Barak Ballet launches OFF Balance, a new annual series that takes dance off the stage for a more immersive audience experience.
This highly anticipated dance event includes new works by Barak Ballet artistic director Melissa Barak, and SFDanceworks Associate Artistic Director, Danielle Rowe. Collaborators for the program include Susan Narduli and Sebastian Peschiera from Narduli Studio in Los Angeles (“an interdisciplinary practice working at the intersection of art, architecture, technology and public space”), composer David Lawrence, violinist Heather Powell, and multi-media artist Alisa Lapidus. The program also features guest dancer Sarah Van Patten, principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet.
Barak Ballet’s new OFF Balance series seeks to create a space for exploring new artistic territory and redefining what it means to see and experience dance.
Photo is by Djeneba Aduayom in collaboration with Cameras and Dancers.


The 7 Fingers: <em>Passengers</em>
Mark Morris Dance Group & Music Ensemble: <em>Mozart Dances</em>
Ephrat Asherie Dance Company: <em>Odeon</em>