Arts & Lectures
MON, OCT 23, 2017

Trial By Jury: A Case of Deportation

Produced by Kyle Bowser


The Broad Stage - Main Stage


This participatory theater program examines the conflicting mandates of contemporary immigration policy and the precepts of constitutional freedoms.  Should cherished rights and liberties be extended to non-citizens residing in the United States, and if so, do those rights supersede the ideological imperatives of political power?  A short film dramatizing a deportation trial is followed by a live audience debate about the case and its underlying issues.  Ultimately, the audience votes to affirm or renounce existing immigration policy.

Program notes available here.

This event is being filmed by Res Ipsa Media. The recorded footage may be reproduced and distributed for commercial use. By entering this space, you are authorizing the use of video and/or sound recording of your image and voice for propriety purposes advanced by Res Ipsa Media. If you do not wish to be recorded, alternative seating is available, where there is no filming.


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