MAR 4 - 8, 2020

Created by Geoff Sobelle

"A delicious piece of dreamlike visual theatre."  The Independent


“…HOME adds up to a wholly unique blend of concept, stagecraft, movement, music and visual storytelling that gives fast-moving form to the ways... in which a house becomes a home.” — The Boston Globe

The Broad Stage - Main Stage


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A house party where the whole audience is invited. HOME is an enchanting visual and immersive spectacle that asks what it means to make a house a home. On an empty stage, a house rises before your eyes. Residents past, present and future rollick through its rooms in an impromptu dance that defies time and space, magically transforming our mundane everyday tasks into a glorious, intimate and profound celebration. There’s no show like HOME

Contains brief nudity of a non-sexual nature.

Program notes available here.

Join us for POP!
Stick around after the 2:00 PM performance of HOME on March 7 for some homespun creative fun on our plaza with activities inspired by HOME, which is also The Broad Stage seasonal theme. Learn more here.

Learn more about HOME's Cast and Crew here

Scenic Design by Steven Dufala
Directed by Lee Sunday Evans
Original Music by Elvis Perkins
Produced by Beth Morrison Projects

Be Part of the Spectacle 

“A spontaneous air of seamlessness” – The New York Times 

 Watch the Wonder Come to Life 

"...a grand-scale theatrical project whose unfolding you may watch, at  moments, in astonishment." —

Enjoy Unexpected Delights

"...expect continual surprise, with characters magically appearing from everywhere it seems..." – DC Metro Theatre Arts


"Magical. Whatever you do alone in your house is exactly like what everybody else does in their homes. Yet as conjured by [HOME], there’s no despair in the sameness of humans’ domestic life, only joy in shared experience. There’s solace in what binds us, and that rare feeling in theater of an audience of strangers forging true community as they build a house and then empty it again…A home is never just walls and ceiling. It gives you dignity and humanity. It holds who you are. Such is [Geoff] Sobelle’s expansive vision. You might leave HOME wishing he could cast his eyes over your own dwelling, to highlight the magic in your own coffee pot, in the glow of your TV, in the picture frames on your walls. But to attend HOME is also to remember how to see, on your own.” — San Francisco Chronicle

The New York Times Praises HOME’s Dreamlike Set and Production

The New York Times admires HOME’s ability to create a production that evokes the audience’s sense of dreaming. Read their rave review of HOME here.

ArtsEmerson Interviews Geoff Sobelle on His Hit Show HOME

Watch the creator of HOME, Geoff Sobelle, speak to ArtsEmerson about the process that goes into creating a successful production here.

This presentation of HOME at The Broad Stage made possible by a generous gift from The Plaza at Santa Monica

Theatre at The Broad Stage made possible in part by generous gifts from Bill & Laurie Benenson and Susan Stockel.


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