Arts & Lectures
SUN, OCT 6, 2019

Kim Dower, Poet
Ron Koertge, Poet
Sam Sax, Poet
Bronwyn Reed, Actress
Michael Sutherland, Actor

Yorgos Karamalegos, Co-Creator

Red Hen Press: Work and Love in Stage and Verse

“Sensual and evocative . . . [Kim Dower] seamlessly combines humor and heartache.” — Los Angeles Times

The Broad Stage - The Edye


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Ron Koertge, Kim Dower, and Sam Sax tell stories of people getting their hands dirty – the, living, loving, and working people of the West. Bronwyn Reed and Michael Sutherland explore the text, movement, and song of Shakespeare to explore the central themes of love and relationships. These are the stories of us. We are all of us making it up out here with the oil wells and the beaches, the bikinis and the tequila, we are finding our way home in the dark, we are stumbling through the orange groves, under the freeways toward our over-priced houses. This is an afternoon of those stories.

Program notes available here.

The Los Angeles Review Interviews Ron Koertge About Life’s Work

Koertge recalls the first time he set pen to paper, his favorite part about teaching college students and his ever-evolving poetry and prose. Read the full interview in The Los Angeles Review here.

Kim Dower Performs Poetry on TEDx Talks

Kim Dower delivers her poetry on TEDxOlympicBlvdWomen. Watch her full performance here.


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