Arts & Lectures
Apr 9 - 10, 2020

Nat Geo Live: Hidden Wild: Secrets of the Everglades

Carlton Ward Jr., photographer

Location: The Broad Stage - Main Stage
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National Geographic photographer and explorer Carlton Ward Jr. travels the world—to the Amazon, Congo, Sahara and beyond—to find and document new species and conservation stories that haven't yet been told. But his latest project has him making discoveries much closer to home. An eighth-generation Floridian, he is now working to protect a little-known corridor for endangered bears, panthers—even cowboys—hidden in the shadows of the beaches and amusement parks that dominate Florida’s identity.

There will be American Sign Language interpretation at the Apr 10 performance of Nat Geo Live: Hidden Wild: Secrets of the Everglades. Please click here to purchase seats close to the interpreter.

National Geographic Features Conservation Photographer Carlton Ward Jr.

Conservation photographer Carlton Ward Jr. founded the Florida Wildlife Corridor project in 2010 and has ventured on two National Geographic supported expeditions in an effort to conserve the corridor’s protection. Learn more about Ward here.

Carlton Ward Jr. Uses Passion for Home State of Florida to Promote Conservation Efforts

CL Tampa conducts an interview with Ward Jr. in which he talks about how growing up in Clearwater, Florida influenced his choice to go from working toward international conservation to protecting the wildlife in his own backyard. Read all about his passion for the nature in his home state here.

Photo Credit: Carlton Ward Jr. and Mac Stone 

The Broad Stage will share patron contact information and buying history from this show with the National Geographic Society.

Nat Geo Live at The Broad Stage made possible in part by a generous gift from John and Kathy Kissick.

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