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JAN 30 - 31, 2020

Shannon Wild, photographer

Nat Geo Live: Pursuit of the Black Panther

The Broad Stage - Main Stage


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In 15 years as a wildlife photographer and cinematographer, Shannon Wild has learned to expect the unexpected. She’s been bitten in the face by a dog, charged by an elephant and pinned by a cheetah. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and dangers of her most difficult assignment to date: documenting a rare and elusive black panther in the dense forest in southern India.

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Love Nature has Conversation with Wildlife Photographer Shannon Wild

Wildlife photographer Shannon Wild shares her story about her unique career path. Love Nature explains that “some of her animal encounters have pushed her to the limit and revealed why the instincts of certain creatures should never be underestimated.” Learn more about Wild’s thrilling journey here.

Shannon Wild Stresses Importance of Protecting African Wildlife to National Geographic

A native Australian, Wild learns and explains efforts to protect Zambia’s predators through technological advancement which will further the safety of humans and animals alike. Learn more about it here.

Photo Credit: Shannon Wild and Russell Maclaughlin

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This presentation of
Nat Geo Live made possible in part by a generous gift from Kathryn and Alan Van Vliet.

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