JAN 25 - 27, 2019

Isabella Rossellini 

Co-Directed by Guido Torlonia 

Isabella Rossellini's Link Link Circus

"Impossible to resist." - The Hollywood Reporter

The Broad Stage - Main Stage


The whimsical Link Link Circus is at once quirky and scientifically informed, playfully arguing Darwin’s theory of evolution which links us humans to animals. The show is illustrated with the enchanting and legendary Isabella Rossellini’s short comic films, home movies and animation. One of the world’s most recognizable stars transforms herself into philosophers of the past like Aristotle, René Descartes and a medieval theologian while her dog Pan plays various animals, assisted by puppeteer and animal handler Schuyler Beeman.

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The New York Times Celebrates Isabella Rossellini’s Surrealist Humor In Their Review Of Link Link Circus

"It is hard to deny how pleasurable Ms. Rossellini’s company is. And have I mentioned there is a dog?" Read The New York Times' take on Link Link Circus here.

Hear from Isabella Rossellini Before The Show

On January 24, Isabella Rossellini will join David Bridel, dean of the USC School of Dramatic Arts, in a conversation on life, art, animals, age and much, much more, with a sparkling intelligence and natural grace that is hers and hers alone. Admission to an Evening with Isabella Rossellini is free. Learn more and RSVP here.

Theatre at The Broad Stage is made possible in part by generous gifts from Bill & Laurie Benenson and Susan Stockel. 


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