Where is the drive-in?

The drive-in is being held in a parking lot on the Bundy Campus of Santa Monica College.  

3171 S Bundy Dr, Los Angeles 90066


What time should I arrive?

Gates will open 1 hour before showtime. Please allow at least 30 minutes to have your ticket scanned and park.


How do I hear the films?

Sound will be broadcast on low power FM radio. Please be sure you have a working radio in your car. We are not aware of a radio phone app that will work.  


Will restrooms be available?

Yes, there will be porta-potties (including WC accessible) and hand-washing stations.


Am I required to wear a mask?

Unless you are in your vehicle with the windows up, masks must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times.


What if I have been exposed or have Covid symptoms?

Please leave anyone feeling unwell or who has been exposed to the virus at home. Tickets are transferable. If your entire party is ill, please forward your ticket to a friend.


Do I need to stay inside my vehicle?

Please remain in or on your vehicle, unless you are using the restrooms. You may lower the windows or convertible top, as long as your party is all wearing masks. Hatchbacks and trucks may be parked backward to watch from the back, again as long as everyone wears masks.


Can I purchase a ticket immediately before the show?  

Yes, online sales will stay open until the event starts. Just outside the event entrance, there will be a space to park and purchase last-minute tickets online via your own Internet-connected devices. Please do not leave your car to attempt to buy a ticket as there will not be an in-person box office.


How will you scan my ticket?  

Hold it up to the window without opening it. If that doesn’t work, we’ll ask you to roll it down.


Do I have to print out my ticket?  

No, you may show the QR code on the screen of your phone.


What if I lose the email with my ticket?

Contact Patron Services. We will also be available on-site to assist.  


May I arrive late?

Latecomers will be parked in the back section, at the discretion of house management.  


Will the show go on in the rain?

Sadly, we will have to cancel if it rains. Patron Services will refund the price of your ticket if we have to cancel.


Will there be concession sales?

No, drive-in regulations do not permit temporary food service of any kind. You may bring food and eat in the car.


May I bring alcohol?

California State law prohibits the use, sale or possession of alcohol on campus.


How should I dispose of trash?  

There will be a few receptacles onsite, but please keep trash in your vehicle when possible. Please do not litter.


Can I reserve a parking spot?  

Parking is first come first served; parking attendants will try to put higher profile vehicles to the back or sides.


May I bring a camper or bus?  

No oversized vehicles, please.


Can I attend without a car?  

No, you must be in an enclosed vehicle to attend this event.


How far will my car be from the ones around me?

The distance between cars is at least 6 feet side to side and more front to back  


What is the event capacity?  

100 vehicles


May I bring children?

Kids are welcome. The content is not inappropriate for children, though it is not intended for them.  


How long is the show?

About 60 minutes


May I take pictures?

Please do not take pictures during the program.  


May I bring my dog?

Sorry, pets are not permitted on campus. Licensed service animals are always welcome.


May I smoke in my car?

Santa Monica College is a non-smoking campus. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.


May I keep the engine idling?  

Please refrain from idling your engine. If you need to periodically start your car to keep your battery charged, please limit the amount of time you are idling. Please be aware that any lights in your car will be a distraction to others.


What happens after the film ends? May I stay?  

No, we must empty the lot immediately.


What if I want to see both program A and program B?

Packages are available so you can see both programs in one night or on successive nights. If you are seeing them on the same night, you will need to leave the drive-in and re-enter for the second screening.


How high is the screen? Dimensions?

The screen is 40’ on the diagonal and rests 6’ above the ground.


Will the films be captioned?  

In 2014 the US Department of Justice enacted a new law requiring movie theatres to provide closed captioned audio devices in each auditorium for patrons who are hearing impaired. Within the confines of an indoor theatre, the technology works beautifully, however there are currently no equipment manufacturers making closed caption devices for drive-in theaters. In the rulemaking notice, the Department of Justice EXEMPTED drive-in theaters in their definition of "movie theatre" because the technology simply does not exist.