Updated: July 7, 2021

Our Priorities 

Safety comes first 

The safety and personal comfort of our patrons are paramount. We are confident we can now move forward with minimal risk to patrons, artists and staff. 

Things will not go back to normal right away, but we can create a new normal together. For now, we can share what we do know. We are using a traditional seat map in all venues, and we will not be offering concessions. 

We understand 

• Public safety recommendations continue to change. 

• Your health and/or personal safety standards may change. 

• Artists' ability to travel may change. 

• Our need to connect with one another is stronger than ever. 

We're in this together 

• To make our performances as safe as possible for artists, audiences and staff, all in-person events will meet or exceed Santa Monica College, local, state and national safety guidelines.

• Please observe all safety protocols at our venues, indoors and out, including instructions provided by staff on site.

• We ask that you stay home if you are not feeling well or may have been exposed to COVID-19.  

• We encourage everyone who can to get vaccinated, and ask that you wear a mask if you have not. 

• We remain flexible in all our plans; we ask that you do, too.  

• We offer sick pay to our staff, so they don’t feel compelled to work if they are not feeling well.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When will The Broad Stage start live performances? 

We will perform live and outside over Labor Day weekend and return to indoor performances in October, with a full schedule starting in January. See Fall details here. The Winter/Spring 2022 season will be announced in the Fall. 

What if I buy tickets and change my mind? 

For Fall 2021 events, all ticket purchases are refundable prior to curtain, no questions asked. Please call or email Patron Services for a refund or credit on account. Credit is valid through June 2022. Fees are always non-refundable. 

What changes have you made at the theaters? 

As performances draw near, as necessary and prudent, we continue to make adjustments to ensure your comfort and safety. We know the following are in place for your return: 

• Hand sanitizer stations 

• No-contact ticket scanning 

• Digital programs 

These are some of the additional safety measures that may be added, based on changing recommendations and directives from Santa Monica College and government entities: 

• Masks worn by all staff 

• Masks worn by all patrons 

• Frequent cleaning of surfaces  

• Multiple points of entry to reduce congestion 

I still have questions.  

Our Patron Services department is here to help you. Please email your questions to patronservices@thebroadstage.org