Grades 6-8 Student Matinees

Santa Monica Repertory Theater: Oct 11-12, 2017 10:30 AM
Anne Frank’s insistence that “people are really good at heart” echoes the optimism that one must find when faced with adversity. This staged-reading of The Diary of Anne Frank is presented by Santa Monica Repertory Theater, an ensemble that utilizes the unique capabilities of theater to engage our audience in an on-going conversation about relevant themes.
National Geographic Live! Standing at the Water’s Edge: Dec 14-15, 2017 10 AM
An award-winning photographer, Cristina Mittermeier has focused her lens on capturing the fragile balance between nature and human well-being for over two decades.
Speak: Mar 23, 2018 11 AM
Indian Kathak dance and American tap dance, continents and ages apart, share parallel stories of struggle and perseverance and come together in this sensational collaboration that is rhythm, poetry, storytelling, music and dance.
Dance Theatre of Harlem: Apr 20, 2018 11 AM
One of the first dance companies of color in the US, Dance Theatre of Harlem champions classical and contemporary ballet for young people.