Special Event
THU, APR 29, 2021

Yo-Yo Ma: Truth, Trust and Service - How Culture Connects Us

An evening of conversation, music and images with Yo-Yo Ma and Austin Mann


The Broad Stage - Main Stage
Date Time Price
THU, APR 29 7:30 PM $250/$200/$150 Subscribe


Cellist Yo-Yo Ma and photographer Austin Mann explore the role culture can play in helping us to imagine and build a stronger, more resilient society. This special collaboration continues the experiment that Yo-Yo began with the Bach Project, in which performances of Bach’s suites for solo cello on six continents were paired with “Days of Action” to ask how culture seeks truth, builds trust and encourages us all to work in service of one another. As Austin documented Yo-Yo’s journey, the two developed a friendship rooted in their shared belief that culture can connect us in our pursuit of a better future. 


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